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Making the correct decisions and deliver a consistent high performance

7 miles a minute changes behaviour to optimise performance, in leadership, elite teams, and for key individuals. When you absolutely must get the decision right to squeeze the trigger, and allow your planning, training and experience to kick in, you need to think, plan, decide and react at a speed of 7 miles a minute.  We will change the necessary behaviours to optimise performance and take this winning edge mentality of cohesive team work, the cycle of think, plan, decide, act and reflect to getting decisions right in your organisation.  This will save you money, and time, enable your first move advantage, and high performance leadership across your organisation.      See more here.

My values

  The Honest Truth.   I will be getting to the bottom of your challenges and with you being honest with yourself and your team.

•  Enthusiasm and energy required to unleash the potential power and rewards of self awareness that then builds on your appetite to grow as a team, and give better service to your customers.

  Give of my best, and be happy at work. Let me provide the fulfilment and insight sought to renew your confidence to reflect on the positive changes you will make to yourselves as leaders and your company.

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Why I do this

I do this by changing behaviours to help organisations grow their people, retain them, and develop high performing teams optimise their performance. I work with the CEO and board members to the middle management. I do it because it will save you money and time to find the best talent, recruit that talent, and then develop the leadership, and their growth mindset.  My work is hugely challenging and rewarding, but great fun, and I love it. Why I did it.