How delegation can make your business more successful

How delegation can make your business more successful

Why investing time and effort in your workforce is so important in a business world dominated by Covid 19 There has rarely been a time with a genuine sense of ‘we’re all in this together’ as now with coronavirus wreaking havoc on just about every aspect of our lives. But does there really need to […]

Trust leads to terrific teamwork. Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Trust leads to terrific teamwork

How trust is all in the mind … and the 8 ways the neuroscience of trust will take your business to another level Trust is everything when it comes to business. If you don’t have trust, you don’t have a business, simple as that. That’s trust in every sense of the word from trust among […]

5 tips for a great night’s sleep

“Sleep is the greatest legal performance enhancing drug that most people are probably neglecting” Dr Matthew Walker Sleep Expert and Neuroscientist Nothing can quite beat a good night’s sleep … but how many people feel they have a decent night’s shut-eye every night? I have over the years going from port, then as a pilot […]

7 miles a minute - Trust

Why trust has to be at the centre of everything we do

Why trust has to be at the centre of everything we do  It’s a small word that passes many people by but if it’s not central to all you do in life you risk losing everything. It governs all we do from our personal relationships and politics through to how we shop in the technological […]

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How being ever so humble can make you ever so successful.

Successful managers need a motivated workforce. However, many bosses make basic mistakes which quickly lose their staff’s respect, leaving them facing an uphill battle to drive the business forward. Top-down leadership has passed its sell-by-date. Forget the loud, brash, tell-them-what-to-do school of management, because there is another, gentler and ultimately far more successful style to […]

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Why smartphones are making us less smart

Smartphones: Millions of people may be suffering from ‘digital dementia’  Using our smartphones is often an addiction … and like most addicts, we don’t realise just how dependent we’ve become on our technological fix. Of course, they are useful but there is also a darker – perhaps we’ll call it grey instead so it doesn’t […]

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The Mindfulness Craze: The Benefits & Getting Started

The benefits, applications and techniques of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a process of purposefully cultivating non-judgemental attention to experiences in the present moment which can be achieved through many different practices including meditation.

Your inner voice

Why your ‘inner voice’ can be such a powerful force in your search for success in life We all have it … and it yells at us every day although no-one else can hear what it’s saying. In this blog we are talking about your inner voice – also known as your intuition or gut […]

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Let’s support one another – wellbeing is ours for creating

  I have made time to focus and write this short 4 minute piece, have been struck again personally by this important issue.  After a colleague who had battled with his mental well-being, and lost, and left us all reeling in disbelief and shock, when he took his own life.  A gifted father, husband, a […]